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Never forget to buy anything again!

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Left the list on the fridge?

Can't remember what your spouse told you to buy?

Need to make a *second* run to the grocery store?

That'll never happen again with Shopping Pro, a digital grocery & shopping list that is always by your side.

UNIVERSAL APP optimized for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch
Great Value -- like getting two apps in one!



100% Freedom and Flexibility

100% Freedom & Flexibility

Edit & customize your lists & catalog however you wish. No limits on number, length or organization of your content.

Great Sample Lists & Catalog

Use one of the eight included sample lists. Search or pick from over 1500 items in the huge, built-in Master Catalog.

Great Sample Lists and Catalog

iCloud Auto-sync

iCloud Auto-sync

Automatically sync all of your lists, catalog & settings between all of your iOS devices.

Sharing Options

Share your shopping lists & catalog content with family, friends and fellow shoppers via email (import/export) and iTunes' File Sharing.

Sharing Options

Customizable Design

Customizable Design

Make the app look the way you want via app-wide themes, packing list layout & display choices, font choices, & nearly full control of all the colors & textures in the app.

Extra Memory Aids

Attach photos to your items to know exactly what to buy, and add scheduled alerts to remind you exactly when to do it.

Extra Memory Aids

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- Added 'Management' section to Settings for Alerts & Photos
- Fixed alert/notification & badge bug in iOS 8
- Added extra icons for list & catalog categories (thanks for all the suggestions!)
- Added easier access to app permissions in Settings
- Added full support for 64-bit iOS devices
- Improved support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
- Improved iCloud auto-sync, though it's still recommended NOT to EDIT content on more than one device at the same time (viewing is OK)

Also, for iCloud auto-sync users on iOS 8, in case you haven't done so yet, please upgrade your device to iCloud Drive.

Thanks, too, for all your feedback & support. Your positive ratings, reviews & recommendations enable me to continue to support & improve this app. Stay tuned for more!

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