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Perfect for individuals, couples, families and groups, as well as people in business, military & government.

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Create lists for day trips, weekend get-a-ways, real vacations, holiday family reunions, road & RV trips, camping, skiing, cruising, international travel, business trips, deployments, etc.

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Unlimited number & lengths of packing lists. Select items from a huge catalog of over 800 items, or create your own.


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100% Freedom & Flexibility

Edit & customize your lists & catalog however you wish. No limits on number, length or organization of your content.

100% Freedom and Flexibility

Expert List-making Assistance

Expert List-making Assistance

Use the included sample lists, or use the Expert list-making tool to automatically customize your own based on the number of adults (males & females), children & days, as well as temperature, destination, food prep & clothes washing preferences. Search or pick from over 800 items in the huge, built-in Master Catalog.

Multi-person Lists

Create lists for several people at a time (manually, or with Expert help), and use icons & filters, as well as export & printing options, to sub-divide your list.

Multi-person Lists

iCloud Auto-sync

iCloud Auto-sync

Automatically sync all of your lists, catalog & settings between all of your iOS devices.

Sharing Options

Share your packing lists & catalog content with family, friends and fellow travelers via email (import/export), iTunes' File Sharing, AirDrop and Dropbox/Box/iCloud Drive (iOS 8+).

Sharing Options

Customizable Design

Customizable Design

Make the app look the way you want via app-wide themes, packing list layout & display choices, font choices, & nearly full control of all the colors & textures in the app.

Extra Memory Aids

Attach photos to your items to know exactly what to pack, and add scheduled alerts to remind you exactly what to do & when to do it.

Extra Memory Aids

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This major update (on the heels of Packing Pro's 7th anniversary) includes a big overhaul of the app's backend coding — over 20,000 lines have been updated or rewritten. Support has been dropped for iOS 6 & 7, but devices on iOS 8 & 9 now function much more smoothly. Once again, as always, this is a totally free update.

HUGE changes that improve editing & list-making organization & efficiency:

  • You can now SMART SEARCH / QUICK ADD on all Master Catalog pages
  • List page search is also improved - plus, it's come out of hiding!
  • SORT option added to each level of the Master Catalog
  • New function to capitalize or uncapitalize Master Catalog types & items
  • Extra options for 'Add List to List' function

Other nice design & user experience improvements & bug fixes:

  • Tap page title to quickly scroll back to top, and to SEARCH on list & catalog pages
  • Save multi-line notes for lists & items
  • More robust iCloud Drive auto-syncing
  • Smoother rotations & animations
  • Fixed some long-standing layout & transition issues
  • Added extra space for editing on iPhones
  • Added extra assistance for app badge settings
  • Fixed a badge bug that sometimes showed a number of remaining items, even when list was empty (thanks Johann!)
  • Fixed bug that ignored 'Disable Auto-lock' setting on later re-launch
  • Fixed some web-connection bugs

Since so many things were changed with this update, if you encounter any bugs, please let me know (and be patient & understanding). Thanks for all your feedback & support. Your positive ratings, reviews & recommendations enable me to continue to support & improve this app. Stay tuned for more!

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