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An App for Everyone...

Perfect for individuals, couples, families and groups, as well as people in business, military & government.

Packing Pro Trips Anywhere...

Create lists for day trips, weekend get-a-ways, real vacations, holiday family reunions, road & RV trips, camping, skiing, cruising, international travel, business trips, deployments, etc.

Packing Pro Categories

...with Everything

Unlimited number & lengths of packing lists. Select items from a catalog of over 400 items, or create your own.


100% Freedom & Flexibility

Edit & customize your lists & catalog however you wish. No limits on number, length or organization of your content.

100% Freedom and Flexibility

Great Sample Lists and Catalog

Great Sample Lists & Catalog

Use one of the four included sample lists. Search or pick from over 400 items in the built-in Master Catalog (over 800 items in Packing Pro, plus 5 more sample lists & an Expert tool that 'auto-magically' makes customized lists for you!).

Multi-person Lists

Create lists for several people at a time, and use icons & filters, as well as export & printing options, to sub-divide your list.

Multi-person Lists

Sharing Options

Sharing Options

Share your packing lists & catalog content with family, friends and fellow travelers via email or by printing them out (full import/export options in Packing Pro, plus iCloud auto-sync!).

Extra Memory Aids

Attach photos to your items to know exactly what to pack, and add scheduled alerts to remind you exactly what to do & when to do it.

Extra Memory Aids

More features




LOTS of enhancements in this MAJOR update:
  • Data transfer (NEW): Added new options for WIRELESS SHARING via AirDrop, Dropbox, Box & iCloud Drive (*PRO-level feature; min iOS 8+)
  • List items (NEW): Added PRIORITY and NEED TO BUY attributes, with icon & checkbox indications on list page
  • List (NEW): Added layout option to DISPLAY & PREVIEW ITEM IMAGES directly on list page (*PRO-level feature)
  • List totals (NEW): Added totals & subtotals for currently packed items, as well as for complete list
  • Design tweaks: Improved readability in popup toolbars & other minor adjustments
  • List dates (NEW): Added buttons to reset dates back to '(TBD)'
  • List dates (FIX): Now you can set any Departure Date (future or past) that you wish, though the app will still auto-correct the Return Date to be that same date, at the earliest. Alert dates will continue to auto-correct for NOW (+1 hour), at the earliest.
  • CSV - Improvement & expansion of CSV file import, export & editing, while maintaining backward compatibility (*PRO-level feature)
  • iCloud auto-sync - Improvements when concurrently using two or more devices, though I would still recommend not editing on more than one device at a time (*PRO-level feature)
  • Bug (FIX): Backpack-stroller icon flip-flop (how did that happen?!). You may need to double-check and re-edit this, if one of these were used.
Also, for PRO users using iCloud auto-sync on iOS 8, in case you haven't done so yet, please upgrade ALL of your devices to iCloud Drive.

Thanks, too, for all your feedback & support. Your positive ratings, reviews & recommendations enable me to continue to support & improve this app. Stay tuned for more!

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