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Packing Pro Screenshots    ( iPhone/iPod touch  /  iPad )

Home page

Sample lists

Expert list assistance

Customized design - textures
Home Page

Choose to view your own packing lists or create a brand new list. Edit your lists here too, pick a 'current list' or go to the Master Catalog, Settings or Info pages via the tabs on the bottom (and throughout the app).
Sample Lists

Eight sample lists are provided to give you ideas and advice, and can serve as templates for new lists.
Expert List Assistance

Use Expert to help you instantly create a customized packing list based on the number of adults (male & female), number of children, number of days, temperature and destination, as well as preferences for food preparation and clothes washing.
Customized Design

Customize the app-wide layout, font, color & texture of nearly every item in this app. Themes provide sets of color, font, and layout combos for even easier and more appealing selection.

Packing list

Packing list (edit)

Multi-item select

List item detail
Packing List

View items on your list, and check off items that you have already prepared and/or packed. A running tally for each category shows how many of the subtotal have already been packed. Collapsable categories also provide easy navigation and less scrolling. Send completed lists to email from here as well.
Packing List (Edit)

Add, delete, rename or reorder packing list items (or even categories) as you wish, one at a time, or in groups. Popup tool bar features include Check All, Uncheck All, Open All, Close All, Sort, Total, Smart Search and List Sharing (including Send to Email).
Multi-item Select

Quickly build or add to your packing list by selecting multiple items, types or even categories from the Master Catalog, and then add them all to your packing list at the same time.
List Item Detail

View and edit the type, name, image or number of items, as well as any specific weight (with sub-unit accuracy), value (with various currencies), note or description for that item. Associate each item with a person and/or bag, if appropriate. Set an alert-reminder, if you wish.

Expanded Master Catalog

Smart Search

Smart Search - Landscape
List Search & Landscape Typing

Smart Search works on content in packing lists and the Master Catalog. View & edit items more easily & comfortably with landscape orientation support.
Landscape Typing
Expanded Master Catalog

Five new task-oriented and family-friendly categories expand the Master Catalog to over 800 items -- twice the size of Packing's catalog.
Smart Search

Smart, full-text search for the category, type or item you want, be it in a packing list or the Master Catalog. Selection takes you to the item in the list, or allows its easy adddition to it. Quickly add a new, customized item here as well.

Catalog editing

Customize Themes

Customize Layout

Customize Font
Catalog Editing

Create you own Categories, Types and Items if you can't find them on our list of hundreds of pre-configured items. Add them permanently to the Master Catalog for easy reuse, and rearrange, rename or delete any other pre-existing or user-defined Categories, Types or Items that you wish to fully customize the Master Catalog to your liking. Clone a category, or restore deleted categories, as well as the entire Master Catalog, if desired.
Customize Themes

Now, Themes make the user interface customization a lot easier by providing appealing sets of color, texture, font, and layout combos for easy selection, or simple return to the default settings.
Customize Layout

Choose your favorite table layout style for your packing lists. Choose to show or hide notes, and choose between showing numbers (only), numbers + icons or number pads.
Customize Font

Choose the app-wide font which best matches your preferences.

Totals and Subtotals

Email Packing List

Info and Feedback

Built-in Help
Calculate Totals

Automatically calculate the item, weight & value totals of each bag, person & category, as well as the entire packing list.
Send to Email

Once you've completed your packing list and/or Master Catalog, feel free to email it to yourself, your family or other fellow travelers. Attached to this email are files that can be re-imported into the app, as well as edited on a desktop computer.
Info & Contact Screen

Access the app's Instructions and What's New info, as well as various feedback functions as well, such as contact the developer, tell a friend about this app (via email, Facebook or Twitter), gift the app, or conveniently leave a review or rating in the App Store.
Built-in Help

Now, answer most of your questions immediately via the built-in Instructions page, accessed via the Info page.

(See the screenshots of Packing for more functions common to both apps.)

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